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By Rick Mullen
Maintenance Sales Associate News Editor

In his presentation “Run, Hide, Fight: What To Do In An Active Shooter Situation,” Sgt. James Songer, of the Dallas, TX, Police Department, told an audience of cleaning industry professionals it is important to be aware of one’s surroundings at all times.

“Situational awareness is important,” Songer said. “You must pay attention to your surroundings and what is going on around you.”

Songer said awareness may start with someone spotting suspicious activities. Maybe somebody is doing something out of the ordinary that catches a person’s attention.

“Maybe it is someone carrying a backpack with wires sticking out,” Songer said. “Give us (police) a call if you see a person acting nervous, walking back and forth. Or if a police officer is coming toward a person, and he/she turns around and walks the other way. The officer doesn’t see it, but you see it — let authorities know. Look for suspicious activities. That means you need to be paying attention. Keep your head on a swivel. Don’t be so zoned out on a phone or headphones or listening to music that you can’t hear or see what is going on around you. Pay attention.”

Songer offered a few pertinent statistics concerning active shooter events.

Active Shooter Details
• Most incidents are over in 30 minutes or less — some in as few as six minutes; and,
• Columbine — 28 minutes.

According to www.history.com, “at Columbine High School in Littleton, CO, two teens went on a shooting spree on April 20, 1999, killing 13 people and wounding more than 20 others before turning their guns on themselves and committing suicide. The Columbine shooting was, at the time, the worst high school shooting in U.S. history.”

“I can tell you, if an incident lasts 30 minutes, that is a pretty big failure of law enforcement for allowing it to go that long,” Songer said. “Police should be able to diffuse a situation in six minutes. On the average, first responders arrive within three minutes. That is pretty fast. However, three minutes seems like an eternity if you are actually involved in an active shooter situation. It is going to feel like forever, and, in three minutes, there can be a lot of people hurt or killed.

“Columbine was 28 terrifying minutes for those kids. The reason it lasted so long is because, back then, first responders were trained to surround a building, hold their positions and wait for SWAT (Special Weapons And Tactics) officers to prevent the shooter(s) from escaping.

“We were taught to hold a perimeter and SWAT officers would be the ones to go in. They have a lot better body armor and weapons than regular police officers. They are equipped to go out and take care of business. However, 28 minutes is too long. We no longer wait on SWAT teams.”

Songer said even if a police officer is alone, he/she must take action, rather than waiting for backup.

Dallas Police Department General Order 614.01 defines an active shooter as: “One or more suspects who participate in a random or systematic shooting spree, demonstrating their intent to continuously harm others. Their overriding objective appears to be that of mass murder, rather than other criminal conduct such as robbery, hostage taking, etc.”

“Active shooters don’t care about other criminal conduct. What that means to you is there is no de-escalating the situation,” Songer said. “It is not going to do any good to tell the shooter(s), ‘I’ve got a wife and kids at home who depend on me, who love me. I need to go home. Please don’t kill me.’

“You can’t do that in these situations. The shooter’s only intent is to kill as many people as possible in as little amount of time as possible. They know first responders are coming and how fast are they able to get there. You have to prepare a defense. Doing nothing is not an option in these situations. You have to do something. You have to prepare.”

No Guarantees
• Every active shooter incident is unique;
• The application of tactics must be determined by you, the survivor, at the time and place of the incident; and,
• No one tactic will always be the correct choice nor guarantee success, but the tactics are derived from experience and believed best practices.

“You are going to have to make a decision as to what tactic to use and when and how to use it,” Songer said.

He added the most frequent location of active shooter attacks is in a commerce setting, i.e., a disgruntled employee or recently fired employee returns to the workplace seeking to kill people. Education settings are the second most location for shooters, followed by outdoors and other scenarios.

When is comes to a shooter having a connection to a particular location, Songer said 55 percent of the time there is a connection.

“Forty-five percent of the time there is no connection at all,” he said. “The shooter(s) just picked a location at random. That is amazing to me.”

The Shooter
• No profile;
• Avenger mindset; and,
• Some want to be broadcast.

“I can’t give a profile of shooters, because it continually changes. It can be male or female; however, the number is a lot higher with males,” Songer said.

In discussing the “avenger mindset,” Songer said, it is usually a person who is angry about something and wants to take out his/her anger on others.

Furthermore, some shooters do it because they want their actions to be broadcast on TV, radio or in print.

“They want to be famous. They want to see how many people they can kill,” Songer said. “That’s why de-escalation skills aren’t going to work. De-escalation is for hostage or robbery situations. ‘Here, take my money, just don’t shoot me.’ They don’t want your money or your belongings. They plan on dying or being arrested.”

Songer showed a video titled “Run, Hide, Fight.”

Video narrator: “If you ever find yourself in the middle of an active shooter event, your survival may depend on whether or not you have a plan. The plan doesn’t have to be complicated. There are three things you can do that make a difference — run, hide, fight.

“First and foremost, if you can get out, do.

• If there is an escape path, attempt to evacuate;
• Evacuate whether others agree to or not;
• Leave your belongings behind;
• Help others escape if possible;
• Prevent others from entering the area; and,
• Call 911 when you are safe.

Narrator: “Trying to get yourself out of harm’s way needs to be your No. 1 priority.”

Your hiding place should:
• Be out of the shooter’s view;
• Provide protection if shots are fired in your direction; and,
• Not trap or restrict your options for movement.

Narrator: “If you can’t get out safely, you need to find a place to hide. Act quickly and quietly. Try to secure your hiding place the best you can. Turn out lights, and, if possible, remember to lock doors.”

The narrator said, while hiding, it is important to silence a cell phone and put it on vibration mode.

Narrator: “If you can’t find a safe room or a closet, try to conceal yourself behind large objects that may protect you. Do your best to remain quiet and calm.

“The last resort, if your life is at risk, whether you are alone or working together as a group, is to fight.”

• Attempt to incapacitate the shooter;
• Act with physical aggression;
• Improvise weapons; and,
• Commit to your actions.

Narrator: “Try to be aware of your environment. Always have an exit plan. Know that in an (active shooter situation), victims are generally chosen randomly. The event is unpredictable and may evolve quickly.

“The first responders on the scene are not there to evacuate or attend to the injured. They are well-trained and are there to stop the shooter. Your actions can make a difference for your safety and survival. Be aware and be prepared. If you find yourself facing an active shooter, there are three key things you need to remember to survive — run, hide, fight.”

Songer suggested some improvised weapons could include nearby objects, such as chairs, etc. He also told the audience it would be a good idea when they return to their respective workplaces to look around and scout for possible escape routes and places to hide, preferably in a room or closet with no windows.

When Officers Arrive:
• Remain calm and follow instructions;
• Keep your hands visible at all times;
• Avoid pointing or yelling; and,
• Know that help for the injured is on its way.

If a person is able to get a hand on a shooter’s weapon, Songer, with the help of an audience member, demonstrated how to control the shooter’s gun.

He also said, if someone gets control of the weapon, he/she should attempt to shoot the suspect in the head, as most shooters will likely be wearing body armor.

Editor’s note: Songer learned how to handle active shooters through SWAT training as well as Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training (ALERRT), which are both offered through Texas State University in San Marcos, TX.

From von Drehle:
Transcend Your Expectations

von Drehle will be offering a sneak peek of a new member of its Transcend® family of towel and tissue dispensers at this year's ISSA Show in Las Vegas, NV.

“On display will be von Drehle’s all-new hands-free electronic towel dispenser that was designed from the ground up, and is loaded with innovative features. This new, state-of-the-art dispenser is the perfect addition to the Transcend® family, and shares many family features such as a push-button lock, one key to fit all of the dispensers, and is available in black, white and stainless finishes,” according to a press release.

“To transcend your expectations, stop by von Drehle's booth #3891 to experience the latest in towel and tissue delivery.”

Visit von Drehle online at www.vondrehle.com or call 800-438-3631.

Spartan’s Dee Womack Awarded 2018 Empire Paper Vendor Rep Of The Year

Pictured with the award are, from left to right: David Strange, vice president of sales for Empire Paper; Jason Estes, president of Empire Paper; Dee Womack, Spartan regional manager;
and Nate Scott, vice president of operations for Empire Paper.

Spartan Chemical Company announced that Dee Womack, Spartan regional manager, was named the Empire Paper Company 2018 Vendor Representative of the Year.

“Each year, Empire Paper recognizes one vendor representative for the work he/she does to grow and develop business. Additionally, they look for an increase in sales, and more specifically, sales that take the company into new types of customers and verticals. This year, Womack was selected to receive the award.

"Dee’s desire to sell new items into new verticals was contagious in the central Texas area,” said David Strange, vice president of sales, Empire Paper. “He helped our sales team obtain the chemical business at several school districts, sell new departments in several municipalities and break into the foodservice vertical in a greater way. He is the epitome of a good guy, and in a world that struggles with communication, he excels.”

The award was presented (during a GSN dinner) to Womack by Jason Estes, president of Empire Paper, David Strange, vice president of sales, Empire Paper and Nate Scott, Empire vice president of operations.

For more information, visit www.spartanchemincal.com.

From The Bullen Companies:
Rinz-Free Lavender Multi-Purpose Cleaner

“Truekleen Rinz-Free is a unique, concentrated, multi-purpose cleaner with a generous level of lavender fragrance. It is made especially for maintaining a super high gloss on floors. It is also a great all-around cleaner for all surfaces,” said The Bullen Companies.

“Rinz-Free has an aggressive neutral pH to clean without penetrating the floor finish or hurting its gloss. Special detergents leave no dulling film or haze, but instead restore the luster of floors that have started to dull. Its pleasant lavender scent lingers long after the clean step is finished.”

Features of the product include:
• No Film Cleaning: Special detergents lift and suspend soil so that it will not redeposit and thus requires no rinsing;
• Economical: Highly concentrated, just an ounce or two per gallon of water removes heavy soil, saving money;
• Fresh lavender fragrance;
• Enhances Gloss: Not only does Rinz-Free not dull “wet look” floors and other shiny surfaces, but actually restores the luster to surfaces that have begun to dull;
• Aggressive Neutral pH: Safe on any surface not harmed by water alone. A true all purpose cleaner; and,
• Hard Water Tolerant: Effective in hot or cold, hard or soft water.

The Bullen Companies is a manufacturer in the floor care, carpet care and odor control market, and has been serving the janitorial supply industry since 1939. Its line of branded products include: Airx, Truekleen, Clausen, e-clean, SanoVerde and One Up, along with hundreds of private label programs worldwide.

For more information on Truekleen Rinz-Free, email sales@bullenonline.com.

From Kruger Products:
The Titan® Bold Roll Towel And Tissue Line Of Dispensers

The Titan® Bold proprietary roll towel and tissue line of dispensers offers unique features in an ultra-modern design.

• Smooth-Cut Roll Towel Dispenser: Has a “suspension-like” roller with integrated roll dampening technology, enabling easy pulls and smooth dispensing.

• Electronic Hybrid Roll Towel Dispenser: Features an ADA compliant back-up mechanical override lever allowing access to towel even if batteries run out.

• Auto-Cut JBT Dispenser: An innovative first to the North American market that dispenses individual 9-inch sheets to reduce tissue use and risk of toilet clogging.

• Mini-Max JBT Dispenser: Holds the equivalent of 10 conventional bathroom tissue rolls, offering maximum capacity with minimal space requirements.

Visit ISSA Booth 3735 or krugerproducts.com/afh for more information.

From Lindhaus Quality Cleaning Equipment: The Dynamic Line Of Vacuum Cleaners

Among the products Lindaus will be exhibiting at booth 2001 during the 2019 ISSA Show is its DYNAMIC Line of vacuum cleaners.

The Dynamic eco Force 300e-380e- and 450-e, two-motor ultra-light carpet cleaner’s features include:
• Light handle weight;
• Ultra strong metal brush supports with bearings;
• Extremely stable;
• Accessories integrated on board;
• Replacement filter on board;
• Integrated dry cleaning system;
• Interchangeable roller covers for carpets and floors;
• Telescopic handle for maximum comfort; and,
• Energy consumption combined: Class B (300e),Class A (380e-450e).

The Dynamic is available in three sizes and can operate on any size carpeted surface. It can also be used on hard floors due to its interchangeable shoe plates. The electronic circuit permits the user to correctly regulate the height of the brush roll, and the motor stops immediately should brush roll become blocked.

More about the Dynamic:
• It’s the world’s lightest weight dual motor upright vacuum;
• No tools required to replace the brush roller or clean base housing;
• Onboard accessories positioned on the back of the machine; and,
• Has a patented dry cleaning system.

Visit www.lindhaus.it or email vacuum@lindhaus.it.

From WizKid:
The WizKid Antimicrobial Runner Mat

WizKid Products has introduced its WizKid Antimicrobial Runner Mat, a customizable length matting solution for facilities of all types. This 25-foot-long customizable-length runner mat is available in two widths, 24-inches and 36-inches, features an acrylic-based tacky backing, and offers a customizable solution for facility managers in a large variety of locations where floors need protection from puddles, odors and stains.

“We are excited to take our line of industry-leading antimicrobial matting beyond the restroom and put it to work in other areas of a facility,” said Jeff Crevier, president of WizKid Products. “The addition of the tacky backing allows for endless uses of this product throughout a facility, wherever moisture management is a concern.”

WizKid Products is moving beyond the restroom with its Antimicrobial Runner Mat.

Features and benefits of the WizKid Antimicrobial Runner Mat include:
• 25-foot-long customizable length, in two widths, 24 inches and 36 inches;
• Acrylic-based tacky backing is easily repositioned, and removes cleanly after use;
• Eliminates odor through the antimicrobial treatment, killing 90 percent of microbes in six hours; and,
• Carpet-like texture is a step above typical mats.

The WizKid Antimicrobial Runner Mat is available now.

According to the company, “Since 2004, WizKid Products has been striving to make the world a cleaner, better-smelling place. Beginning with the WizKid Original Cut Urinal Mat, the line of WizKid Antimicrobial Mat solutions has grown to provide moisture management solutions for entire facilities. The Splash Hog Vertical Urinal Screen, the urinal screen that goes up the back wall, is the only solution of its kind in the market today. Headquartered in Dalton, GA, WizKid Products has grown in the last decade by creating innovative solutions for the needs of facility managers.”

For more information on the WizKid Antimicrobial Runner Mat, visit WizKidProducts.com.

SC Johnson Receives SMA Navigator Award

SC Johnson Professional has been named a recipient of Strategic Market Alliance’s (SMA) 2019 Navigator Award.

Spartan Chemical was also recognized by SMA for achieving the largest percentage of growth in sales of qualified supplier products with SMA members in 2018.

“Winning an SMA Navigator trophy is acknowledgement of extraordinary partnership and commitment to the distributors of SMA, in service to their end-user customers,” said Dick McGann, SMA CEO.

Based in Racine, WI, SC Johnson Professional is a manufacturer of janitorial and sanitation cleaners. For more information, visit www.scjohnson-professional.com.

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