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By Harrell Kerkhoff, Maintenance Sales News Editor

Carefully thought-out website content and design can help companies better tell “their stories” online, while providing a guide to available products and services. Email marketing, meanwhile, is another important part of communication in today’s technology-driven business world.

Jennifer Stine

Offering options and advice on those subjects, during a recent presentation, was Fortune Web Marketing Founder/President Jennifer Stine ( She explained a website’s content can take various forms, including blogs, videos, infographics, case studies, ebooks, white papers, checklists and interviews.

“With a blog, you become a subject matter’s expert. It allows you to do what you do best — provide solutions,” Stine said. “If you can do that, people will likely start doing business with your company.”

She also highlighted the value of producing website videos.

“You don’t have to be a professional videographer. Just take your smartphone, demonstrate a product on video and go live,” she said. “It doesn’t have to be perfect. In fact, whimsical company-produced videos can humanize your brand.”

Stine added there is true value when a company-produced video can be found through a YouTube search. She also spoke on the benefits of customized web banners, such as those that are promotional or product-specific in nature.

“There are companies that literally merchandize their websites. I guarantee that helps sell products,” Stine said.

Website developers should focus on improving three main areas of their sites to better connect with online visitors. They are: Responsivity, Simplicity and Navigability.

A responsive web design involves pages that look good, and can be properly displayed on all types of devices — smartphones, tablets and laptops. Stine said that is critical because:
• 48 percent of global page views are now done from mobile devices;
• 93 percent of people leave a website because it doesn’t display properly on their specific device;
• On a responsive site, content is automatically resized and reshuffled to fit the dimensions of whichever device a visitor is using; and,
• Ultimately, it’s more important to provide a great experience across different devices than to look identical across those devices.

Website simplicity is also essential. Stine’s simplicity tips are:

Colors — Don’t use a lot. A rule of thump is a maximum of five colors, plus or minus two, for a website design;

Typefaces — Should be highly legible and not too “artsy.” Typefaces must also contrast with the website’s background color. It’s recommended to use no more than three typefaces and no more than three point sizes; and,

Graphics — Use graphics when they help the user complete a task, perform a function and/or accurately represent a product or service. It’s also important to optimize a site’s images. Make sure to include key words when naming each image.

“Not many people realize that they can optimize their images in such a way that directs traffic to their website,” Stine said.

Website images should be compressed, as non-compressed images can be large and may slow down the loading of a web page.

When improving a website’s navigability, it’s important to keep primary navigation tools simple and near the top of the page. Also include navigation tools in the footer of the site. Consider as well using breadcrumbs (navigational aids) and include a search bar near the top of the site that is “sticky” (remains in a fixed position on the screen). Also include links within copy and don’t make users “dig” too deep to find something.

Stine suggests website developers make a basic pyramid diagram where the homepage is at the top, and each linked page forms the next layer. In most cases, it’s best to keep the site no more than three levels down.

Certain tools, such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console, can be used to determine how well a website is designed and received.


Email marketing is another form of communication that remains in demand and works, according to Stine. She provided the following email-related information and tips:

Email Usage

• Tuesdays see the highest email open and email unsubscribe rates of the week;
• In the U.S., 21 percent of email opens happen between 9 a.m. and noon;
• Roughly 80 percent of marketers have reported an increase in email engagement over the past 12 months;
• From a study of 1,000 small business owners, email marketing was ranked as the second most effective medium for building brand awareness; and,
• Email marketing has the highest return on investment for small businesses.

Click-Through-Rate (CTR)

• 35 percent of marketers choose to send three to five emails per week per contact.
“I personally don’t think a company has to send that many. Perhaps one or two per week is best. It might also be good to pull back the frequency of sent emails if your unsubscribe list is increasing,” Stine said;
• Promotional emails are the most common email type that marketers are investing in;
• “Message personalization” is the No. 1 tactic used by email marketers to improve performance; and,
• The industry average email CTR is 2.13 percent.
“CTRs tend to be higher for retail and non-profit, but a solid average CTR is only slightly above 2 percent,” Stine said.

Email Copy

• Over 20 percent of marketers surveyed said that a specific email design improved their engagement;
• Email subject lines feature an average 43.85 characters;
• 45 percent of small businesses with effective, or very effective, email copy report average open rates of 26 percent or higher; and,
• Out of 1,000 analyzed emails, only 6.9 percent incorporated an emoji in the subject line.

“Honestly, I feel people love emojis, and believe they do perform well,” Stine said.


• Almost 30 percent of marketers surveyed use audience segmentation tactics to improve email engagement;
• Marketers who use segmented campaigns note as much as a 760 percent increase in revenue;
• Mobile-friendly email is the second most-used tactic from email marketers to improve performance;
• Mobile accounted for 42 percent of all email opens in 2019; and,
• Of all emails opened on mobile devices, 66 percent were read for more than 8 seconds.

“When engaging in an email marketing strategy, look at how content is being displayed on Gmail, Outlook, your phone and your laptop,” Stine said. “They can all display differently.”

In Summary

Stine emphasized the following objectives to strengthen a company’s digital presence:
• Create an informational and attractive website that is mobile and user friendly. Also improve page load times;
• Begin an SEO (search engine optimization) strategy, develop a priority key word list, and use proper title and meta descriptions. Also, secure websites with HTTPS through an SSL certificate;
• Create engaging content; and,
• Send emails at least once per week and segment contact lists.

Made Exclusively For RJ Schinner
Performance Plus Mop Heads Are Green Seal Certified

Performance Plus Green Seal® Certified Natura Mop heads are made from 100 percent recycled post-industrial reclaimed garment waste. Available in multiple options, Performance Plus Mop Heads provide the ideal cleaning solutions for preventive floor care, deep stripping and refinishing as part of a complete green facility maintenance program.

Performance Plus also offers a line of highly durable brooms effective in removing a variety of debris in multiple applications, inside and outside.

For more information, visit or call 800-234-1460.

Spartan Chemical Promotes Marcoux And Simmons To Regional Manager Position

Michael Marcoux

Shon Simmons

Spartan Chemical Company, Inc. has promoted Michael Marcoux and Shon Simmons to the role of regional manager.

Marcoux joins Spartan as a regional manager for the Oregon region. For the last 10 years, he has held various roles working for Southern Glazer’s Wine and Spirits in Wilsonville, OR; starting as a sales consultant and advancing to vice president of sales (on-premise). Throughout his tenure, Marcoux was responsible for coaching and training new employees, overseeing the sales team and district managers, as well as handling over 3,500 accounts. He also developed and implemented effective sales plans and programs to drive growth, generate revenue, and increase market share. Marcoux received a bachelor’s degree in international business with a minor in anthropology from Eastern Oregon University.

Simmons joins Spartan in the north Georgia, Chattanooga, TN, region. For the last two years, he was national account manager for Flood Brothers in Atlanta, GA, where he developed, built, and managed target national accounts. Prior to that, he was vice president of sales (East Coast), working for Paragon Furniture, also in Atlanta. Simmons also worked as a district manager for Teknions for four years, where he led the marketing and sales initiatives. He attended Morehouse College, in Atlanta, GA, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in accounting and finance.

For more information, visit

ABCO Cleaning Products Earns UL Environmental Claims Validations On Two Product Lines And Shares Best Practices For A Plastic Free July

 “It's estimated that the United States has generated 44 million metric tons of plastic waste to date. To put it into perspective, that’s equivalent to the weight of 220,000 blue whales. To celebrate Plastic Free July, ABCO Cleaning Products, a leader in sustainable cleaning tools, announced that two of its product lines earned UL Environmental Claims Validation,” according to a press release.

The company also shares its suggestions for reducing plastic waste at facilities.

“We’re thrilled to share our Natura Lobby Dustpan and Large Natura Broom Head have undergone the extensive UL Environmental Claims Validation process and have proven to be highly sustainable,” said Carlos Albir, president, ABCO. “In fact, we’re the first in the industry to earn UL Environmental Claims Validation for both of these products.”

The Natura Broom is made from 100 percent recycled content while the dustpan is made from a minimum 48 percent recycled content.

This Plastic Free July, ABCO said to consider the following tips to reduce plastic waste at facilities:

• Limit plastic bottles. Take inventory of your facility’s cleaning supply closet. Often, there could be an abundance of the same type of cleaning product. Start by tallying up how many cleaning chemicals your facility has on hand and work on using what you have before ordering more. Moving forward, try to reduce the number of plastic bottles your cleaning team uses;

• Consider packaging that’s proven to be recyclable. Some plastic used for packaging isn’t as easily recyclable as one may think. Packaging companies sometimes incorporate nonrecyclable chemicals into the plastic packaging making it nonreusable, thus adding to our planet’s plastic waste crisis. To help combat this, consider having your facility work with companies that make trustworthy claims that their packaging is recyclable; and,

• Encourage recycling. A recent study found eight in 10 employees want to see more sustainability at their workplace. A great option to do this is by incorporating strategically placed recycling sorting bins throughout your facility.

“ABCO Products highly values sustainable business practices. The company offers several Green Seal approved cleaning products that are made by recycling waste from garment manufacturers,” according to ABCO.

For more information, contact ABCO Products at 1-888-694-2226 or visit

From Intelligent Design Manufacturing LLC:
The MyHousekeeper Micro Floor Scrubber:
Less Work With Better Results

The MyHousekeeper micro floor scrubber handles any space a traditional mop can, and does a better job of cleaning, according to Intelligent Design Manufacturing LLC.

The scrubber includes an ergonomic handle, locking recovery tank, battery charger port allowing charging without removing battery, 360-degree pivot and comes standard with urethane blades.

The cleaning width of the MyHousekeeper micro floor scrubber is 14 inches and its working capacity is 10,764-square-feet per hour. The brush speed is 180 rpm, brush diameter is 11 inches, and the brush pressure is 28.7 pounds maxs. The machine height is 48.8 inches, weight is 34 pounds with batteries, and its battery voltage is 36v.

Providing commercial cleaning power with ease, the MyHousekeeper micro floor scrubber leaves floors dry after use.

Send email to, call 1-833-554-3628,
or visit for more information.

R.J. Schinner Promotes Kim Boughner To Vice President Of Marketing

R.J. Schinner Co., (RJ Schinner), a premier redistributor to the commercial wholesale trade, has promoted Kim Boughner to vice president of marketing.

“As RJ Schinner’s director of marketing over the last several years, Kim has been instrumental in the evolution of our marketing department,” said Ken Schinner, president. “Kim and her team have helped lead the way for our company’s success with their contributions in print initiatives, digital initiatives, and video production.

“In addition to overseeing all of our marketing initiatives, Kim also oversees several large annual company events successfully, and we look forward to her continuing to lead and grow our marketing department into the future.”

For over 70 years, R.J. Schinner has been selling non-food disposables to the commercial marketplace through distribution. The company currently has 19 locations nationwide servicing the United States.

For more information, visit

From Fogmaster
Flexibility In Fogging

Fogmaster is a leading manufacturer of fogging and atomizing equipment for industrial, commercial, municipal, agricultural, environmental and residential sites. Fogmaster's line of foggers are trouble free, durable, and flexible.

Product Groups
• Hand held foggers for home and light industrial users;
• Drum mounted foggers for larger applications;
• Sentinel® modular systems for factories, treatment plants, landfills;
• Parts for all Fogmaster products; and,
• Accessories such as timers, sensors, turntables.

Principal Applications
• Odor control;
• Disinfection and sanitizing;
• Cannabis/hemp cultivation;
• Pest control;
• Humidification;
• Fire & flood recovery;
• Mold remediation;
• HVAC coil & duct cleaning; and,
• Dust control.

For use with oil or water based solutions. Reseller/distributor inquiries welcome. To learn more, call 954-481-9975 or email

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