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MSN eNews, August 2017. Companies Featured In This Issue:
• ProBlend • The Bullen Companies • J&M Technologies • QuestSpecialty Corporation • Air-Scent® International • ISSA/INTERCLEAN

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Warsaw Chemical


By Allen Lord,
ProBlend distributor sales manager

Many times, we, as sales people, overcomplicate the sales process. Why do we do this? It’s a really straightforward and systematic endeavor. More often than not, sales folks think they should be constantly talking, and showing, what “they think” the customer wants to see.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. When we walk in with our latest brochure or catalog, we are really telling the customer — that we know more about what he/she needs, than that person does. The old saying is, “Customers love to buy, but hate to be sold.”

So, how can we be more effective at sales?

Learn to ask more, and better questions. By asking questions, we learn what the customer is “buying.” If we are smart, whatever it is that they’re buying, is exactly what we are selling.

Questions that are presented properly and logically, reveal to us what the customer’s concerns actually are. Once we understand the customer’s position, we can tailor our presentation directly to those concerns.

By doing this, the presentation of our services becomes personal to that customer. Why? Because we took the time to find out what it is that he/she is actually buying.

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Allen Lord,
ProBlend distributor sales manager

Sales is nothing more than having a conversation, asking appropriate questions and asking “what if.” Their answers to “what if” allow us to offer products and solutions that makes sense to them.

From Bullen
The RX Air Care Odor Control System For Total Building Coverage

The Bullen Companies now offers the new RX Air Care System under the Bullen Airx Laboratories brand.

“The system is a comprehensive odor control program from desktop to total building coverage. RX Scentinel cabinets are designed to fit RX microcell products to disperse odor counteractant and eliminate odors. With both active and passive cabinet designs, the Scentinel cabinets can eliminate and counteract odors in a variety of situations,” according to a Bullen press release.

Features of the RX Scentinel cabinets include:
• Newly designed cabinet made just for RX19E microcells;
• Easy-to-load tray for mounting the RX19E microcells;
• The Scentinel cabinet will hold up to three RX19E microcells;
• One D-size battery will power the cabinet for 60 days of continuous use;
• Locking key and mounting template, instructions and hardware included; and,
• Packed 1 per box, takes one D-size battery.

Features of the RX Scentinel JR cabinets include:
• No fan/passive cabinet that holds one RX19E microcell;
• Recommended for small areas where there is natural air movement such as the back of a door or in a hallway;
• Thirty-day life of the RX19E microcells offer an inexpensive passive method of odor control; and,
• Packed 12 per case.

Features of the RX Scentinel Desktop (the personal size Scentinel cabinet) include:
• Uses one RX17;
• Small and compact so it fits on your desk or in an out of the way spot;
• Continuous odor control for 1 month; and,
• Packed 1 per box, takes one D-size battery.


RX Air Care Microcells’ features include:
• RX17s are available in airicide, lemon and herbal fusion;
• Packed 12 per box, 6 boxes per master case;
• RX19s are available in airicide, lemon, herbal fusion, mountain mist, blue skies and aquatic mist; and,
• Packed 8 per box, 6 boxes per master case.

The Bullen Companies is a manufacturer in the floor care, carpet care, and odor control market and has been serving the janitorial supply industry since 1939. Its line of branded products include: Airx, Truekleen, Clausen, e-clean, SanoVerde, Road Off and One Up along with private label programs world-wide.

For more information, e-mail sales@bullenonline.com or visit www.bullenonline.com.

Visit ISSA booth #2537.

Offering Updates To Graphics,
Content And Ease-Of-Use

J&M Technologies Presents New Internet Order Entry Program

"The new e-commerce Internet Order Entry program from J&M Technologies features an updated graphic layout and many sales-encouraging features such as faster search tools, detailed product information, manufacturer literature, embedded videos and additional purchase suggestions for each selected item,” said the company.

“Overall, the new format is graphically more appealing with larger images, easier access to navigation, and a more prominent search bar. The new navigation bar is simplified with drop-down product category specifics, allowing for easier access to products. The product category pages enable visitors to search by various attributes, such as manufacturer, color, size, etc.”

Individual product pages have tabs for accessing product description, specifications, videos, manufacturer literature (such as brochures, sell sheets, operator manuals, parts lists, etc.), and suggestions for accompanying products.

“The key to having a successful online catalog and ordering system is to make it easy for users to find products, evaluate them, and order them,” according to John Manzoian, president of J&M Technologies. “This new e-commerce platform meets the current trend for simple graphic layout and extensive product information. We’ve also populated the product pages with additional sales tools such as manufacturer literature, brochures, and videos. Purchasing an item is simple and the program automatically suggests additional products to accompany the item choice.”


The Internet Order Entry product lets distributors customize websites with a company’s logo, banners, colors, and other options. The shopping cart catalog is created from the J&M Technologies’ database of descriptions, videos, manufacturer literature and images of over 350,000 janitorial, paper, packaging, food service, and safety products assembled from over 1,500 manufacturers.

J&M Technologies’ products include Internet Order Entry (and its mobile application), Print Catalog Creator, interactive Electronic Rep Assist, and Facility Product Guide.

For more information,
visit www.jmcatalog.com.

Visit ISSA booth #2669.


QuestSpecialty To Introduce
EPA 25(b) Exempt, Non-Toxic PROWLER Lice Killer At ISSA Show

QuestSpecialty Corporation has added to its line of non-toxic, EPA 25(b) exempt pest control products with PROWLER Lice Killer, formulated to kill lice on porous and non-porous surfaces. It is recommended for treating inanimate environmental surfaces such as pillows, furniture, clothing, lockers, coat racks, and other surfaces where there has been a lice outbreak.

“PROWLER Lice Killer does not require EPA registration as it is formulated with ingredients identified by the EPA as having low to no toxicity. It uses the same technology as LIGHTS OUT Bed Bug Killer, another QuestSpecialty pest control product, which is EPA 25(b) exempt. Both products have third-party certification regarding effectiveness,” according to QuestSpecialty.

“Rather than using neurotransmitter chemicals, which cause death by attacking the insect’s nervous system, these products use mechanical killing agents which cause death by dehydration. The precisely manufactured formulations, comprised of ingredients which qualify for the 25(b) exemption in the EPA Pesticide Regulations or considered G.R.A.S (Generally Regarded as Safe), cause mortality by breaking down the insect’s exoskeleton, thus causing dehydration.”


Alex Pratt, director of technical services at QuestSpecialty Corporation said, “In addition to offering customers a non-toxic solution to these bothersome bugs, there are no concerns attached to EPA registration as the products don’t need to be EPA registered. That means distributors and end-users won’t have compliance concerns with EPA and the pesticide regulatory agent in their state. It also means there is no certification needed for application, mandatory notification prior to use, and there is no concern about reports regarding improper application.”

Other products in the QuestSpecialty line of minimum risk pest control products are ADIOS Drain Fly Repellent and DEEP SIX Lice Treatment Spray (for use on the body).

Visit www.QuestSpecialty.com
for more information.

Visit ISSA booth #1655.

Air-Scent’s New Air Care Refill Meets Market Demand

By Zane Kobalczik,
a 30-year veteran of the maintenance supply industry

While the global market for air fresheners is projected to reach U.S. $10.4 billion by 2020, JanSan and maintenance supply distributors are clamoring for new, easy-to-use air care systems to meet the demand of their customers.

“We were well aware of the need for an air care refill that was simple, effective and met a number of criteria to suit current JanSan industry trends,” said Raymond Czapko, V.P. of business development for Air-Scent International. “So we went to work marrying our understanding of diffusion methods with odor counteractant fragrance formulations.”

To develop the new delivery matrix, Air-Scent enlisted the help of Dr. Amad Tayebi, professor emeritus at the University of Massachusetts, where he was a member of its Plastics Engineering Department. Air-Scent tasked Dr. Tayebi to help develop an air care refill that would be effective over a 60-day period, work without batteries, fans or power of any sort and would not leak or spill in use or shipping.

The fruit of Dr. Tayebi’s two-year labor is Air-Scent’s all new Spiralz™ Air Care Refill. Although Air-Scent is not ready to publish the detailed workings of its new air freshener delivery system, the apt brand name apparently provides a clue to its method. Dr. Tayebi said, “The proprietary spiral design affords a way to control capacity and diffusion of 1.7 ounces (50mL) of free liquid while ensuring that it will not leak or spill even if the refill is squeezed.” Air-Scent President Arnold Zlotnik was astounded at the results. “This is not just a new product, it’s a new invention. We are getting linear 60-day performance from a passive air care refill in a way I never thought possible.”

Zlotnik is also eager to point out the product’s small environmental footprint. “It is VOC compliant and made from recyclable materials. Plus, we have implemented a unique exchange program to encourage repurposing of the used components.”

To fully commercialize its new Spiralz™ air care system, Air-Scent developed maintenance-friendly packaging. A special cage and cap prevents contact with the refill, which is additionally wrapped in a vapor barrier pouch. Although the new refill is designed with the option of use without a dispenser, Air-Scent is offering a new compact dispenser to complete the system. The diminutive AromaOne Mini™ stands just a little over 5 and one-half inches (13.97cm) and features the option to lock the dispenser.


No air care line is complete without the creation of crowd-pleasing fragrances. So, Air-Scent engaged its in-house fragrance company, Alpha Aromatics, to produce a series of odor counteractant fragrances that would excite consumers. Roger Howell, Alpha Aromatics’ V.P./chief perfumer observes, “Really, the consumers for away-from-home products and in-home products are ultimately the same. So in designing the fragrances for the Spiralz™ line, we used current trending fragrances of the type you would find in the most sophisticated consumer products. We tested and retested the refills on location to make sure we were getting good performance and fragrance character from day one to day sixty.”

Currently Air-Scent is offering 12 fragrances in the Spiralz™ line, and is offering custom fragrances for companies looking to coordinate fragrances in its air care line.

Czapko thinks any obstacles to marketing the new Spiralz™ air care system have already been overcome in its design and performance. “This is a rocket and all we need is a launching pad. We are looking forward to initiating discussions with potential distributors and OEM partners at the ISSA show in September. This is an excellent opportunity to offer something that is genuinely new.”

Along with its Spiralz™ refill line, during ISSA 2017, Air-Scent will launch a new array of smart phone controlled air care dispensers, especially suited for scent marketing and ambient scenting of large spaces.


For more information,
contact Air-Scent® International
at 800-247-0770 or visit www.airscent.com.

Visit Air-Scent at booth #4880 during ISSA 2017.

ISSA Announces
2017 Award Winners

ISSA officials will present the following awards during ISSA/INTERCLEAN® North America 2017, which takes place September 10-14, in Las Vegas, NV. They are:

• Jack D. Ramaley Industry Distinguished Service Award — To be conferred by the board to those individuals who have demonstrated outstanding service to the cleaning and maintenance industry through their innovation, professionalism, leadership, elevation of industry standards, promotion of the Association’s growth and development, unselfish dedication without personal gain and emulation of the ISSA Code of Ethics. This year’s award recipient is Alan R. Tomblin, president and CEO of Network Services, Inc.;

• Manufacturer Representatives’ Distinguished Service Award — Recognizes a person within the industry who has had a positive impact on the industry and the association, and who has been supportive of manufacturer representatives. This award is presented on behalf of all independent manufacturer representatives. This year’s award recipient is Tony Chiefari, of Claire Manufacturing Co.;

• ISSA Honorary Lifetime Achievement Award — This award honors an individual who, in the opinion of the ISSA board, deserves recognition for substantial contributions to the advancement of the industry and/or to ISSA over a significant time period. This year’s recipient is Jerry Mitchell, formerly with Jerry Mitchell Associates;


• Young Executive Society (YES) Industry Special Achievement Award — Acknowledges an individual or company who has made substantial contributions to the advancement of the cleaning industry and ISSA, and who has demonstrated strong support of YES. This year’s award recipient is Michael Tighe, president of Industrial Cleaning Products, Inc.; and,

• YES Rising Star Award in Honor of Jimmy Core — Recognizes emerging leaders who are helping to change the way the world views cleaning, by making positive and innovative contributions to their organizations and the overall cleaning industry. This year’s recipient is Derrick Zenker, of KSS Enterprises, Inc.

Visit www.issa.com for more information.


ISSA Elects New 2018 Board Members

The following individuals have been elected to serve on the 2018 ISSA board of directors, which will be led by incoming ISSA President Ted Stark III, of Dalco Enterprises, Inc.

This includes:
• Vice President/President Elect: Paul Goldin, Avmor Ltd.;
• Executive Officer: Jim Chittom Jr., Roman Chemical Corp.;
• Manufacturer Director: Tom Friedl, Hospeco;
• Distributor Director: Paul Barrett, North American Corp.; and,
• BSC Director: Matt Vonachen, Vonachen Services, Inc.

The elections for open positions on the 2018 ISSA board of directors closed July 20, 2017.

Returning Board Members
In addition to Stark, returning from the 2017 board to serve in the following positions on the 2018 board are:
• Past President/International Director: Richard L. Rones, Americo Manufacturing Co., Inc.;
• Secretary: Mark J. Bevington, NSS Enterprises, Inc.;
• Treasurer: Taylor M. Bruce Jr., IH Services Inc.;
• Latin America Council Chair: Mauricio Chico Cañedo, Distribuidora Lava Tap, S.A. de C.V.;
• Europe Council Chair: Michel deBruin, Greenspeed BV;
• Distributor Director: Daniel Josephs, Spruce Industries, Inc.;
• Wholesaler Director: Harry A. Dochelli III, Essendant;
• Manufacturer Directors: Michael C. Dunn, Georgia-Pacific Professional; and, Terry Neal, Impact Products LLC;
• Director Canada: Peter Farrell, CitronHygiene; and,
• Manufacturer Representatives’ Director: John K. Riches, Riches Associates Ltd.

Incoming ISSA President Ted Stark III

Outgoing Board Members
The following individuals complete their service on the board in 2017: David E. Sikes, Sikes Paper Co.; Ken Bodie, Kelsan, Inc.; Roman Chmiel, Scrub Inc.; Nick Spallone, Tahoe Supply Co.; and, Mark Jackmore, Rubbermaid Commercial Products, Inc.

All ISSA members are invited to greet the new and returning board representatives when the 2018 board officially takes office at the ISSA General Meeting. The event is scheduled for 8:45 to 9:45 a.m. on Tuesday, September 12, in Room N101, at the Las Vegas Convention Center, during ISSA/INTERCLEAN® 2017 North America.

Visit Maintenance Sales News At ISSA Booth #2895

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