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ON THE COVER: Michael Kaplan has owned Certified Cleaning Supplies & Equipment of Denver, CO, for 23 years.
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Maintenance Sales News is edited for maintenance distributors. MSN reaches owners and presidents, buyers and purchasing agents, and sales executives; and our articles focus on their professional development. Our magazine reaches all levels of the sanitary supply marketing pyramid, including independent sales agents, master distributors, janitorial distributors and growth-market distributors such as food service, paper goods and industrial.

September/October 2014

MSN’s 2014 ISSA/INTERCLEAN North America Preview

• A Letter Of Welcome From ISSA President Fritz Gast

MSN Interviews Incoming ISSA President Alan Tomblin

• 2014 ISSA/INTERCLEAN Show Heads To Orlando, Florida

• ISSA Exhibitor Showcase / Product Showcase

• ISSA Convention Seminar Schedules

MSN Distributor Cover Feature
Miner Supply Company

Old-Fashioned Full-Service Distributorship

MSN Distributor Feature
4 Distributors:

Each With A Unique Approach To Success

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